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Launched in 2011, Faire (pronounced "fair" and derived from the French verb meaning "to do" or "to make") operates on a contract basis with

Clients - primarily, though not exclusively, nonprofit organizations - to:  (sampling of services)

  • offer senior fundraising, business development, or interim staffing for finite periods during defined campaigns or while the Client conducts a thorough search for candidates or successors;

  • design, manage, and/or implement fundraising campaigns (including special events);

  • train, coach, and mentor staff and volunteers, specifically in areas of fundraising, collaboration, and innovation;

  • create tailored fundraising & development workshops, strategy sessions, or audits to enhance the efficiency and integration of resource development efforts;

  • conduct professional fundraising and program staff searches; and

  • facilitate the development planning process inclusive of earned revenue, contributed income, and social enterprise considerations.​                                                   

Pending what the client wants to do or to make, Faire will execute a project from start to completion, or on a stage by stage basis, contracting to provide strategic management or hands-on involvement up to and including investment solicitation.


Specialty expertise is offered in donor/client-centric strategies; creation/enhancement of implementation processes and advisory institutional knowledge; and accelerant growth phase strategies.

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